About E. Victor-Meyer S.A.

E. Victor-Meyer S.A., a very family story

In 1980, parents Anita and Erwin started the company in Malmedy on an industrial site that has grown steadily and is now an industrial zone occupying almost 6 ha at the entrance to the town.

From the early 2000s, Sabine and Martine, their two daughters, as well as Gerd and Raymond, the two sons-in-law, gradually join them in the company which continues to develop.

In 2020, the EVM group has a highly specialised staff of nearly 50 people at its sites. It continues to diversify and has achieved a turnover of €20 million.

On-going evolution

This diversification has always been subject to successive challenges which, little by little, have enabled the company to survive:

1994: a stonemasonry workshop joins the aggregate business, using imported prestigious materials (granite, marble, quartz, ceramics). This workshop is gradually equipped with the best in high-precision CNC (numerically controlled) machines

1998: E. Victor-Meyer takes over the red marble deposit at Neuville, where two quarries of sand, crushed stone and gabion stones are worked. You’ll know our marble as “Rouge Royal” … ?

2000: E. Victor-Meyer inaugurates its transshipment and storage depot in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau (on the Albert Canal): On nearly 6 hectares, EVM processes numerous minerals into sought-after components, particularly in architectural concrete. These aggregates are valued by concrete producers, as well as marketers of building materials and outdoor amenities.

2007: the Hermalle site is equipped with a facility for filling sacks and big bags.

2010: also in Hermalle, the activities there are complemented by the launch of a facility for the vibration-filling of steel baskets with gabion stones of all colours. “Stone cubes” from E. Victor-Meyer are currently well known on both the roadway and garden decoration markets.

2017: Hermalle expands. Acquisition of the operations of Ets Collinet doubles the surface area of the site to 12 hectares, and activities continue to diversify: Under the PREBEL brand, EVM now produces pre-stressed concrete elements (hollow floor slabs, lintels, concrete beams, etc.).

As of 2020, hollow floor concrete slabs come with Bénor certification, reinforcing the high quality image the company strives to promote.

The EVM Group: six business segments

  1. Coloured aggregate for architectural concrete and outdoor applications under the brand name A WORLD OF STONE;
  2. Micronised minerals used in the composition of fiberglass, plastic, glue and paints, under the brand name MADOL;
  3. The production of sand and crushed red marble at our two SAMAVIC quarries in Neuville;
  4. Stonemasonry;
  5. Production of pre-stressed concrete elements under the brand name PREBEL;
  6. Transport on flatbed trucks, under the brand name RISPED.
The EVM Group: six business segments

The company stands up for its values!

A spirit of continuous quality, responsiveness in providing service, ambition for permanent growth and technical development at the cutting edge of innovative technology (crushing, screening, washing, drying, micronisation, etc.) have always been the values promoted by the family company.

The EVM Group supports these values in its role of offering a wide range of creative products at competitive prices to the construction and garden markets.

In addition to the development of new products and in parallel with its production facilities, one of the main challenges of the company is to recruit and retain qualified employees: the EVM Group does everything possible to train its staff, in house mainly, for each of its operations.

The company stands up for its values!