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VICTOR MEYER, a world of stone
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E. Victor-Meyer - Decorative Aggregates
Decorative Aggregates, crushed stones & granulates
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E. Victor-Meyer - Industrial products
Minerals for idustrial applications
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E. Victor-Meyer - Prebel
Prebel, prestressed concrete construction elements
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E. Victor-Meyer - Stonemasonry
Stonemasonry, natural stones for interiors & exteriors
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From a family business to a multi-faceted industrial group 

For 40 years, E. VICTOR-MEYER has been importing, processing and distributing minerals of all colours and grain sizes throughout Europe for the architectural concrete, roadway and garden decoration sectors.

In 2017, the EVM Group created PREBEL, a company that produces and distributes pre-stressed concrete elements from its plant at Hermalle-sous-Argenteau.

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