Environmentally responsible transport

The EVM Group is proud to be able to count on a fleet of recent and well-maintained vehicles, in order to reduce the ecological impact of transport as much as possible.

For this reason, our trucks are equipped with a DUO-FUEL system which significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Environmentally responsible transport

Our current fleet

Through its transport company RISPED, the EVM group has a fleet of 9 trucks and 25 trailers, including 5 silo trailers, 6 platform trailers (tarpaulin-covered), and 14 tippers.

Every day, our central dispatching service receives orders and delivery schedules centrally from our customers, whether they are industrialists, dealers or entrepreneurs. All these assignments are passed on:

  • on the one hand to the Dispatching department at our Malmedy, Neuville and Hermalle sites;
  • and on the other to our Transport department, either internal or external. In order to optimise journeys, everything is done each day to avoid “empty” journeys, so our vehicle fleet is constantly optimised on the road.

All elements must therefore be checked every day in order to ensure our customers of 100% dependability in the management of their supplies.

Our current fleet - Company


Depending on the customer's wishes, the different types of stone are packed, in 25 kg sacks or big bags.

Products can also be transported in bulk.

Silo semi-trailers are even used as a means of transport for deliveries throughout Europe for certain quantities and product categories.


We bag our products using our own equipment.

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