A World Of Stone®

Crushed stones & aggregates

Limestone, sandstone, dolomite, porphyry, quartz, marble, granite, pozzolan, lava, silica, schist, slate, as well as many rocks and minerals of all qualities (chemical or mechanical), and especially... of all colours.

2020 will herald the 40th anniversary of E. Victor Meyer starting with these natural minerals. Today, thanks to its diverse activities, the EVM Group produces and markets a multitude of sands, crushed, gravel, gabions, pebbles, mulch, etc. for the industrial, construction and outdoor amenities markets, …

A WORLD OF STONE®, two quite different worlds …

Crushed stones & aggregates

Outdoor and garden facilities

To decorate our walkways, borders, paths, low walls, courtyards, terraces, planters, bollards and other features, rock gardens and Japanese steps at the bottom of the garden, the range of minerals in all shapes and colours offered by A WORLD OF STONE® provides many possibilities for creating different and natural spaces that require minimal maintenance.

Our decorative gravel - crushed or rolled - our sand, gravel, rubble, pellets, and so on, are products coming mainly from the crushing of different blocks of stone. Each product is selected according to its aesthetic and mechanical qualities, its durability and its efficiency in terms of use and maintenance.

The majority of our aggregates are washed, which in most cases allows for greater adhesion during installation and over time.

Outdoor and garden facilities

Coloured concrete

EVM's core business originally focused on partnerships with the biggest names in architectural concrete, always in search of colours and special grain sizes, in order to produce facades and other decorative surfaces, mainly in the field of industrial buildings.

Subsequently, producers of coloured concrete, poured concrete, or coloured concrete products (paving stones, kerbs, etc.) also began to look for pigments and other coloured sands and gravel. Playing with the colour and texture of the surface makes it possible to enhance a product or structure, not only for its functional properties (light control), but also for its decorative aspect.

Later still, came trends in concrete for tinted, printed, waxed, imprinted, resin, etc., so many applications that seek not only a varied palette of colours, but above all a regularity in each colour offered.

These different concrete sectors are looking mainly for sands (often washed, defillerised) and fine aggregates (up to 8 mm).