Capacity: 200 storage boxes+ production equipment, stonemasonry workshop, storage hall, laboratory, weighbridge, workshops, offices, on about 5.5 ha.

Victor-Meyer S.A. works raw minerals from quarries located mainly in Mediterranean countries, but also on the other side of the Atlantic.

This raw material travels to The Netherlands or Belgium on large-capacity vessels. After splitting onto barges, they have been arriving at our quay in Hermalle-sous-Argenteau since 2000, passing through the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Malmedy - Company

Production centre

A large proportion of these minerals are transported by road in our own trucks to our main production centre in Malmedy, for the following process operations:

  • crushing, screening
  • drying
  • micronisation
  • visual sorting, colour selection
  • washing
  • rounding
  • mixing
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Production centre - Company


Capacity: 200 storage boxes, + production equipment (aggregates and concrete), weighbridge, laboratory, offices, on nearly six hectares.

Along the Albert Canal, in the heart of the Liege Port Authority, the third-largest river port in Europe, vessels of capacities up to 2,500 t are loaded or unloaded each day on a quay nearly 300 m long.

This quay and large-capacity site is a transshipment centre for EVM for the most diverse types of minerals from 40 countries in Mediterranean Europe and South America.

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Hermalle-sous-Argenteau - Company

Transshipment and production centre

  • loading/unloading of ships, up to 4,000 t/d
  • storage on concrete pad
  • covered storage on nearly 4,000 m²
  • crushing, screening, washing, using our own mobile facilities
  • bagging in sacks and big bags
  • production of stone cubes (gabions) using a vibration system
  • production of pre-stressed concrete elements and Construct-Blocks

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Transshipment and production centre

Neuville - Quarry

Since 1998, the EVM group has owned and operated two quarries in the municipality of Neuville-Philippeville. This is where we extract our “ROYAL RED”, a well-known quality of Belgian red marble.

Extraction of this superb mineral quality is carried out by our own resources, using appropriate equipment. The rock then goes into production in our own mobile crushing/screening plant to obtain the classic grain sizes of sand, aggregates and gabions.

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Neuville - Quarry - Company