Decorative marble and natural stone

Are you looking for a stonemason for your indoor or outdoor project?

Victor Meyer can produce and install functional and decorative stonework elements made-to-measure.

  • Various colours and materials
  • Competitive prices
  • Situated in the province of Liège, we are very close to you
  • Stonemasonry for private individuals as well as professional interior designers and builders

Our main strength? Tailor-made precision

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We specialise in working in marble for building purposes

Natural stone will give a special note to your home. We cut, carve and polish all types of natural and artificial stone. You receive the most attractive appearance according to your taste and the style of your house.

Interior decoration

We deliver high-quality work for your home, whether it involves a classic interior or sleek design.

Exterior design projects

Clean and meticulous work for traditional or modern façades.

  • Window surrounds and sills in natural stone
  • Wall cladding
  • Facade elements
  • Door surrounds
  • Letter boxes
  • Outdoor stairs
  • Patio flags

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How is natural stone worked for building?

Natural stone is a decorative architectural material that can be processed to obtain different types of finish in a large range of textures and colours.

The stonemason cuts slices of stone from a large block extracted from the rock. The craftsman then uses various techniques of dry or wet surface grinding to smooth and polish the stone that can give it sometimes a uniform appearance or sometimes a differentiated appearance.

It is thus a material that allows your imagination free rein. There is an infinite number of decorative possibilities for your home.

Why choose Victor Meyer ?

We are well known in Malmedy (Liège, Belgium) as producers of natural stone. Our experience of the subject is self-evident.

  • Over 20 years of experience in stonemasonry.
  • A collection of ultra-modern machinery for cutting and polishing all types of stone (marble, granite, blue stone, quartz and ceramic)
  • Guaranteed custom-precision work of the highest quality
  • Great care given to detail
  • Experienced master stonemasons

We assure you prompt performance of your project and our quotations are free of charge.